Why Industrial Biotechnology

Join the fastest growing industry with a profitable future

Imagine a world with global food security and enough resources to feed over 9 billion people. Imagine cleaner air and the reduction of the current use of 220 billion gallons of liquid transportation fuels. By 2050, solutions to the world’s greatest environmental issues will become a reality thanks to key advancements in industrial biotechnology fostered at UCR’s Center for Industrial Biotechnology. 

  • $370 billion contribution to the U.S. economy (2016)
  • 10%  growth rate each year for the past decade
  • 2.5% of U.S. GDP attributed to industrial biotechnology 
  • 360,000+ life sciences jobs in California (2016) 
  • $108,752 average life science wage (2016)
  • 12,031 life science contribution in California (2017 Biocom Economic Impact Report) 

In addition to meeting global environmental needs, the industry has an impressive impact on the economy. Industrial biotechnology is one of the fastest growing industries. 

Industrial Biotechnology industry needs engineers with a deep knowledge of biotechnology, but with a focus on design, construction, and operations support. Today, insights and development afforded by biotech provide exciting new opportunities for the agricultural, chemical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology fields.

By bringing together faculty from multiple disciplines of science to train students for positions in industry, academic, and government, CIB is addressing the research and training needs for these rapidly-evolving and intensive fields. The center will provide opportunities for training opportunities for training or re-training industry scientists and engineers in the fundamental of industrial biotechnology to increase productivity of food crops, high value and commodity products and address environmental

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